Karla with "For Decorative Purposes Only"

Hi, my name is Karla Uphoff and I have loved and created art my whole life.  I am mostly a self-taught artist; some of my earliest memories were with crayons in my hand.

My art is highly influenced by my country roots and my current rural lifestyle where I live with my husband Dale and our dog Tank. We are blessed to have three sons and daughters-in-law and 10 grandchildren who we get to see on a regular basis.  I find beauty in simple things but also in the complex people that surround me.  I attempt to preserve them in oil paintings that will last for centuries to come.

I use only the highest quality materials to produce my art, from hand selecting the wood panels I paint on, to the double priming that I apply by hand.  I also cut each panel by hand using a table saw.  I only use professional grade oil paints for my work ensuring that they will stand the test of time.  Most paintings are finished with museum quality frames that I have shipped from a professional frame maker in California.

Using a wet in wet process, I paint what inspires me.   I believe part of my soul is mixed in with the paints and is imparted to each painting that I do.  I recognize that not everyone is going to connect with my art, just as I don’t always have a special connection with some art created by others.  That is what I believe makes experiencing art so beautiful; It is highly personal.  All I ask is that you respect the process and the heart and soul that go into each work of art- whether created by me or by others. 

Owners of my art are often impressed with the depth of color and the expressiveness of the handling of the often simple subjects.  One recent collector of my art described my paintings in this way:

    "Something about your artwork makes me smile and breathe ALL the way in (which is all I need most of the time!) I want them all around my house." - Tamsin Martin

I hope you will take the time to experience my art.