Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Will Never Be the Same

You will never be the same after losing a child. And that is not necessarily a bad thing! I find that people who have gone through traumatic events tend to have a deeper character and a deeper understanding of people.

I am definitely a stronger person having endured the losses that I have had. Not only have I lost children I have also lost a parent, grandparents, a sibling and friends. Man, life can really be tough!

But- having experienced these losses has made me a much stronger person. I no longer avoid difficult situations like I used to thinking that I cannot handle them. I find myself being strong now, not in the beginning, but now several years down the road. I am able to handle talking with people during their really difficult times and being a real support and help to them.
If I can be of any help to you while you are struggling with your loss, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can e-mail me at I can't take away all of your pain, but I can be a good listener and can walk with you down your road to grief recovery.
You may also want to check in your community for any grief share support groups. You may find the support you need to endure your time of grief. Don't go it alone.

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