Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Artists In Residence

"After Cezanne"

My sister Rene'e and I had our monthly arts and crafts time with the residents of the local nursing home this morning.  We had a great time re-creating a painting by Cezanne.

I started off talking about "The Artist Eye" and how artists have to train themselves to see shapes and colors.    We then copied 6" X 6" squares of a cut up poster of Cezanne's Still Life: Fruit with Pot.  The idea of today's project, was to give each of them an abstract piece of the overall puzzle.  I didn't show them the original poster until we were done.  They used oil pastels on brown toned cardstock for this which worked well because the pastels are very soft and are easy for the residents to apply. The cardstock also had some "tooth" to it which grabbed the oil pastels.

They did a FANTASTIC job!!

I took it home, glued each 6 x 6 square down on foam core board and then dug out a frame and framed their work and took it back in to show them.  Everyone was impressed with what they had created together.   Hopefully the Activity Director will get permission to hang the finished piece.

The Original Cezanne

Really fun day!

On another note:

There is a really good tutorial by Jason Horejs that has been made into a free download for how to hang artwork.  Worth saving!

And one more thing!  Clinton Hobart has a FREE download for how to paint a small still life step by step.  Haven't read it yet myself.


  1. This is so AWESOME, Karla! I love the work that you and your sister do with the residents. It must be so much fun for them! And for us, too. I love it!

  2. You and your sister are doing such a wonderful thing!! What a fantastic idea and the finished piece is amazing ...what an achievement!!

  3. Another great blog post Karla.
    What a fun project for a group to work on.
    Also, thank you for sharing the tutorial by Jason and for the Free download by Clint Hobart. Both are very informative.

  4. This post warmed my heart. Bless you both.


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