Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vanity of the Tomato

"Vanity of the Tomato

5 X 7
Oil on Panel

I have been busy with canning a freezing the last couple of weeks.  Green beans and corn are done, and the tomatoes are just starting to come on and they are beautiful! My favorite time of year!  But I thought I would take a break and paint a small painting.  Don't want what I have learned to dry up.  I thought it looked like this tomato was admiring his hansom self in the mirror.  Thus the title "Vanity of the Tomato".  

For My Artist Friends:

Have you see Kelley Sandford's new blog with art tips?  Here is a link to her latest post.  It is about painting supports.  I have always wanted to try painting on linen, so I ordered a pkg of Raymar panels with an assortment of surfaces. i.e., cotton and linen.  It was only $24.95 for a pkg of five with free shipping.

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  1. Love your tomatoes! I really like the name too! Mine are still green on the vine but hopefully I'll be enjoying a few fresh ones soon. It sounds like you have really been busy.

    Thanks for that link. That was really interesting. I've been starting to think about and experiment with other surfaces too. I have painted on Raymar. They are excellent quality and I love them. I do prefer the smoother surface for my daily work.


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