Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moored Boats and Thoughts on Depression

"Moored Boats"

This painting was done (with permission)  from a reference photo by John Robinson.  I was instantly drawn in by the strong colors and the deep shadows.

This was the first time that I have painted since finishing "Little Women".  First of all I was just plain tired from that extra large painting.  Then I was dealing with depression.  I had a disappointing encounter and even though I tried really hard not to let it get me down - it did.  I tried everything I knew in my anti-depression arsenal to lift myself out of it like avoiding sugar and refined flour, taking my supplements, getting outdoors in the sunshine, and going for walks with the dog.  Everything short of taking medication which I only want to do as a last resort.  Nothing was working.  Finally after being grumpy around some people (sorry Renee), I just prayed and told God that I had tried everything I knew how to relieve my misery and I really needed His help.  Instantly - I mean really - instantly I felt the cloud lifting and I started to feel better.  Yea!!  Thank you God!

I really appreciate all of the artists that say when it is hard to paint to "just get in the studio and do your job" but, that just doesn't work for me when I am dealing with depression.  I remember the advice of one artist.  "Never paint when you are sad".  I think she had good advice.  Trying to paint when I am depressed is just asking for disaster.  So anyway, I am feeling much better and hope to get down to some serious painting.

P.S. - I entered my painting "Melon Slice Cropped" in this month's DPW Contest.  My goal is to be in
the top 15 so my new additions to my gallery on DPW will be shown "above the fold" as they say in newspaper talk for the following month.

Just for fun, what paintings in this month's entries would be your pick for 1st 2nd and 3rd place?  There are some really great paintings there!!  Leave your picks in the comment section.  And no peeking at what others' have posted before you leave your picks!!

Happy (yea!) Painting!


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  1. Glad to hear you are doing better. Sometimes it's just the act of reaching out for help that lifts some of the weight off of us! We are never alone! And I'm in the DPW challenge this month also, and my goal is to be in the top 15 too!! Good luck my friend & welcome back!


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