Saturday, April 17, 2010

Even When Love Wanes, Hang In There

Tip #3

. Don’t end any relationships while you are going through the grieving process. If you end a long-term relationship while in the midst of grieving for a child (or other significant loss) you will only compound your grief. You may think your spouse or partner or your kids are responsible for how miserable you feel - chances are they are not. Hang in there.

Give family members space if they need it. Everyone will need time to work through what they are feeling. While you and they are at it, you may be short tempered. If you feel that you are becoming over-whelmed with emotions it is best to take a time out and get yourself settled down before you or they say something that is going to make the situation worse.

Be as patient as you can be and do everything you can to minimize the pain you are going through, i.e., follow the suggestions you find here. Don't expect another grieving family member to be able to carry the weight of your grief as well as their own. Find a good friend or therapist to share your heavy feelings with.

As always, if you are having thoughts of harming yourself or suicidal thoughts get help right away.

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