Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Women Finished and an Invitation

Grand Opening Ivitation

You are cordially invited to the grand opening of Inside Out: Accessible Art Gallery.  If you cannot make the grand opening, I hope you will be with me in spirit.

At the grand opening, my latest painting (shown below) will be on view.  This large painting, 32.5" X 24", took weeks for me to complete.  Doing a little math, this painting is equal to ten 8 X 10 paintings or twenty-two 5 X 7 painitngs!  It was difficult to photograph such a large painting.  It does actually look better in person.

For my artist friends:

Have you thought about including a certificate of authenticity when you sell a painting?  If so, here is an article that lists several places to get a template.  Some of which are free!

ArtProMotivate article.

"Little Women"


  1. Absolutely beautiful Karla.
    I will definitely be there in spirit with you.

  2. Gorgeous, Karla! Best wishes to you, sweet friend! :)

  3. Beautiful. Great job. Best wishes on your grand opening.

  4. Karla,
    I WISH I could come see your work in person. I might still come but it won't be the grand opening. I have my last art festival of the season that weekend. But I will be thinking of you and be with you in spirit. Wishing you much fun and great success!

  5. This is your most grandest and most beautiful painting to date!! I will definitely be there in spirit and wish you great success.I have always believed in your work, that you have a heart of gold and I know this shines through from each painting you do.


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