Saturday, August 31, 2013

Studying Color

"matrix V

 As I stated in a previous post, I have been giving a lot of thought to color as it applies to painting lately.  Manipulating color is a little daunting to me.  But I can see how many artists have done it with great success.

I was watching tv the other night and wondered, how do they get cohesive color in a movie?  Do they just throw on a colored filter?  So I did a little research and discovered that no, in most cases the color is very carefully choreographed from costumes to props to lighting.  I found this article really interesting.  Color and the look of a film .  Please over-look the sci-fi references if they disturb you -not my favorite genre. 
Inside Out: Accessible Art Gallery downtown Bloomington, IL

Reading the article makes me really think about how I can manipulate my still life and portrait set-ups to get color cohesion or a special effect in my paintings.

Having the girls all wearing the same color clothing in this photo I hired BigJonPhoto to take really brought unity to this portrait of  "Little Women"

Here is the painting framed and installed at the gallery.

Speaking of frames.  I ordered the frame for this unusual sized painting from Franken Frames Inc. and was very pleased with the quality and the service.

Bottom line, when it comes to successful films or paintings.  A lot of thought and work goes on behind the scenes before the final view is shown to the public.

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  1. Your painting looks amazing Karla!! I am so proud for you!


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