Saturday, February 5, 2011

Salon International 2011 Accepted Entries

Wide World
by: Susan Carlin

The 2011 list of accepted entries to the Salon International Art Competition are in and you can view all of them!  Just click here to view.  This painting is by Susan Carlin.  She has been a HUGE inspiration to me.  She paints almost every Wednesday evening at 7pm central time on-line.  She does wonderful work.  The Salon International show is in San Antonio and that is where Susan's new galary is located.  So if you are anywhere close I would suggest you stop by both!  Here is a link to Susan's website and her UStream video page where you can watch old videos while you wait to watch her live.  Isn't this painting she did "Wide World" amazing??!!


  1. There seems to be so much unsaid in this beautiful the child waiting for something or just day dreaming? Thank you for the link to Susan Carlin.

  2. It is stunning! Karen, you are so right. I think Susan took this picture while she was traveling in Europe.


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