Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Painting Challenge

Mini Apple
2.5" X 3.5"

This is a painting I did for another on-line painting challenge.  I love these challenges!  This one was provided by Jen at ROOKIEPAINTER I don't think I will ever get tired of painting apples.  They are so much fun.

Well the snow has started.  So far only about 4" with promises of more to come.  Sounds like a good time to put on a cozy fire, grab a hot drink and paint!

Be sure to leave a comment on yesterday's blog.  You can win a 40" X 40" wall hanging.  Good luck!


  1. beautiful apple Karla, love the colors.

  2. Ok...now I'm craving a candied apple...Gorgeous!

  3. ohh... Now you're talking! Candied apples..mmm

  4. this apple came out amazing! I am an occasional rookie painter participant as well.

  5. Thank you so much Julie. I'm looking forward to new challenges.

  6. Hi Karla - i love this apple! so much detail in such a small space!
    I'm also very inspired and calmed by many of your other posts. thanks for sharing yourself!

  7. Thank you Rita for your kind words and thanks for stopping by!


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