Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Give-Away!

Bento Box
Quilted Wall-hanging
Approx 40 X 40

OK.  We are turning the corner on winter here in Central Illinois.  Tomorrow is February 1st.  I always figure if I can make it to February, I can make it through winter.  After all, February only has 28 days Right?

So how many inches of snow will we get on February 1st?  The weather report said, 12" then 15 then 18 then 20 and last I heard 22 INCHES OF SNOW!!  Oh my!

So here's the deal.  In honor of turning the corner on winter ( not my favorite season if you haven't already guessed) I am having a give-away.  I am giving away the Bento Box quilt wall-hanging at the top of this blog.  You see in a previous life I had a quilt shop and was an avid quilter, before I took up painting again.

So, here is how you enter my contest.  There are three ways.  Write in the comment section how many inches of snow you think we will get in El Paso IL during this latest snow storm OR how much snow you have gotten from this storm.  Your guess does not have to be accurate to win.  I will make random drawing from all entries using a computer generator random picker.

The second way to enter is to mention my contest on your blog or facebook page and then come back here and tell me in the comment section that you did.  One entry for facebook. One entry for blog.

You have until midnight February 13th CST to enter. (Sorry I can only ship to the USA)

That's it!  I will announce a winner on Valentine's Day.

Good luck.  ( And please don't tell me you live in so and so where it will be 75 degrees tomorrow!) LOL!


  1. I am guessing 23inches! (Here it is near 0 celcius and there is still snow on the ground - not melting very fast).

  2. I'm too late to guess the snowfall, but I did post your quilt & give-away on my blog. And I WISH I could say it will be 75 degrees anytime soon. I'm in the Northeast, and it is snowing, again, with ice - sigh!

  3. Naw, you're not too late Nancie, it's still snowing up a storm! So here is your entry for the snow.

  4. And here is one for posting it on your blog. Thanks for spreading the word!

  5. Karla, I just found your blog from Nancie's and imagine my surprise to find a blogger who lives so close to me! Here in Morris, at least at my house, we seem to have gotten right around 12" or so. I saw a photo on WGN of someone else who lives in Morris and they had about 24". Not sure why the difference but it was really blowing at my house last night so that could be partly the reason. Love going to that antique store/mall in El Paso. Haven't been in about six months, at least, so that is a must do soon. Hoping you are faring well during this "blizzard." I seem to remember worse in my lifetime, and I'm not just talking about '67. Hmmm...


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