Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hasta La Vista Viva!

Grapes with Flowers
8 X 10 oil on hardboard

I decided that I was not going to buy stock in the Viva paper towel company.  Boy can you go through a roll quick when you are painting!!  So here is my solution: Used bath towels.  I bought a whole stack of used towels at a garage sale for $1.00.  Yeah $1.00!!  And they were really in pretty nice shape.  So I use two pieces at a time, folding them as I go.  Trading off so the paint can dry between uses.  I can go a couple weeks or more on two pieces.  Then when they are covered in paint I just toss them out.  Works well for me.  I wear gloves and an apron so even if a little rubs off it doesn't get on me or my clothes.  Since then, my friend Barb gave me a whole garbage bag full of her used towels that she was just going to throw away.  I think I'm set for years.

I also decided to try out an on-line video teaching by Daniel Edmondson.  It was only $20.00 so I thought I would give it a shot.  This is the painting that I did along with him on the video.  The great part is he will send you a video critique about your painting if you want.  Very helpful.  I have a few suggestions he gave me that I will probably work on tomorrow.  This particular lesson was called Daily Painter 1.  He had some really nice tips and because you could start and stop the video you could go at your own pace.  I would recommend them based on this one tutorial.

Here is the website with the videos.

Here are his other sites:


  1. Nicely done, Karla. I've always used rags cut from my hubby's old cotton tee shirts since I paint with acrylics or watercolors. I keep them in a cute basket near my workstation.
    Will you be getting the next video?

  2. Thanks Carol! I think I will try another one. The big challenge for me is to translate what I learn into my own original art. So much to learn!


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