Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stages of Grief: Stage III

The Non-Conformist
7 X 5 Oil on Hardboard

This painting was a lot of fun.  I'm thinking about doing a whole series of cherries paintings.  We'll see how it works out.

Today I want to talk about the 3rd "stage" of grieving.  Anger and bargaining.  After the pain and guilt stage of grief we enter the anger and bargaining stage.  This stage is pretty much self-explanatory.  All of those emotions and frustration often come out in angry bursts.  During this stage try your best not to take your anger out on innocent by-standers.  Try to find non-destructive ways to vent your anger.  One suggestion is to try journaling your thoughts and feelings.  Getting them down on paper often makes you less likely to take your feelings of anger and frustration out on others.

Bargaining is also a common part of this stage of grieving.  We bargain with God.  Take me instead.  I will stop XYZ if you save him. 

Tomorrow I will talk about stage IV,  Depression.


  1. What a lovely little painting! Nice brushwork. Yes, I know about those stages of grief...they are important to go through in order to come out the other end in one piece...maybe wounded and scarred but all together...hopefully wiser and kinder.

  2. Karen, Thanks for your comment on my painting! Your comment about working through grief is quite profound.


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