Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding My Groove

Red Pear on Wood Block
5 X 7
Sold !

I added a few more blog sites to my long list of sites that I follow this morning.  I have over 200 now!  When I preview those blogs I follow I think I learn something about myself.  Who's art do I like enough to follow their blog?  For me, it is often the painters who paint realist paintings.  That is what I like to look at.   That is what I like to paint.

I appreciate other styles of art.  I am sometimes amazed at the success of people who have developed a style that brings $500.00 for a 3" X 4" painting.  I have tried some of those styles.  They just aren't me and I don't want to start chasing what is popular or profitable.  That is not what my art is for.  If I can't sell my paintings then I will have to find other ways to make money.

Just my thoughts.

What style of painter does your "following" list say you are?



  1. Hello Karla, Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I am enjoying your blog too, now, very much, and especially touched by your strength and wisdom regarding the loss of a child. I am fortunate I have my son, age 34, although I don't see him often as he lives across the continent from me. Still, just knowing he is there, living, loving, searching is comforting for me. We are in touch frequently. Your art work feels very
    heartfelt and "real," meaning that it is not overly influenced by the vision of others, but I can tell you are taking the lessons you learn about art to heart.

  2. Karen, Thank you so much for stopping by and for your very thoughtful comments. I had the opportunity to visit several of your pages today. You have some REALLY wonderful art! Looking forward to seeing more - Karla

  3. I love realism too, Karla. And I sure love this piece. Beautiful!

  4. Came over from Calypso blog to comment on this painting, and became captivated by your blog. Your artwork is very good and I suspect this will sell. Love the simplicity of the design, and yet, the pear gives a great deal of texture. And I love the shadow on the pear. Terrific work.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Nancie! I have never sold any of my art so this would be the first if it does sell. I'm looking forward to learning from the Calypso blog. Karla

  6. Hi Karla,this is one lovely piece.Great light and shadow play on the pear and the wood block looks perfect.Wish you luck.

  7. Karla, I just saw on Calypso blog that this is marked as SOLD! Congrats on the sale!!

  8. Ok Nancie I have to fess up. My sister was the highest bidder on the pear painting. Lol! She loves me. But! I have a friend who bought another painting. AND! A stranger bought my rooster painting. So I am thrilled!! I have broken the ice. Yea!


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