Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chunky Pear and Thoughts on Creativitiy

"Chunky Pear"

5 X 5 Oil on Hardboard

Several days ago I posted a video lecture about creativity done by John Cleese.  In it John describes how being creative is just playing.  I thought about that while I was painting this pear.  I told myself to just have fun and to go big or go home.  And it was fun!

I find that I am torn between my love for dramatic realistic paintings and ones that are just fun and rich with expressive paintstrokes.  And I tend to purchase paintings in the same vein.  Some are light and playful and some more dramatic and realistic.

Here is the same pear I painted a few days ago.

So do any of you face the same conundrum?

I guess it has something to do with personality.  I don't think anybody would describe my personality as playful.  But I did find it FUN to paint today's pear in a playful way.

Maybe that is something I just need to allow myself to do more often....

Would love to hear your thoughts.


This painting would go very nicely in a floater frame.  I purchased this one from King of Frame.


  1. I, too, have been challenging myself to paint more expressively and with more freedom. To "listen to the paint", and let it lead you.
    I think we all tend to tighten up and "color within the lines". The freer style reveals more of the artist, I believe.
    The first one's great, but I love your new pear! :)

  2. I love both of your pears, Karla. And I totally understand how you feel, because I struggle with the same issue. My favorite paintings are actually fall somewhere in the middle. Does that make any sense?

    I'm putting pears on my grocery list. You've inspired me. :)

  3. Thanks Dean and Darla for your perspectives!


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