Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Something New!!! And some ways you can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy

My New Greeting Cards

First of all, let me just say that my "Fall Giveaway" is going gang-busters! If you haven't signed up to win an original painting What are you waiting for? Head on over here to sign up.  I will be writing more about how I set up the "Fall Giveaway" in a later post.  So be sure to hit the "Follow Me" button on the right so you can hear more about it. Or sign up for e-mail updates.

Now for the new stuff!!

Announcing New Greeting Cards!

That's right.  I now offer greeting cards of my art for sale at very reasonable prices.  Click the Greeting Card tab at the top of enter here.

And now for the BIG NEWS~

I am participating in the Daily Paintworks Auction to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  I will be both bidding and placing a painting up for auction.  I hope you will join me in this worthy cause.  You can get there through this door.

enter the auction

And finally~~!~!  Remember those greeting cards I told you about?  For the next five days, any order you place, I will donate the entire proceeds to the relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.  So, even if you can't afford to bid in the Daily Paintworks Auction, maybe you could afford to buy a few greeting cards instead.  So many ways to help!

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