Saturday, February 2, 2013

30 In 30 Challenge in Review

Well the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge over at Leslie Saeta's blog is now officially over.  As you can see above, I did not complete 30 paintings but it was still a great challenge and I learned some things.

First of all, if I am going to finish a painting every day, I need to KISS. (keep it simple).  As you can see, some of the paintings I completed were rather complex.

Second:  I don't like to paint under pressure.  I.e., I don't know if I would enjoy painting if my life depended on it as in a JOB.

Third:  I am not a high energy person.  I have to pace myself.  I have days of higher energy and days of lower energy.

Fourth:  If I don't respect my low energy days and keep pushing myself I run the risk of becoming depressed.  I suffer from chronic depression but can keep it at bay with a good diet and proper rest.

Fifth:  It's fun to try new things.

Sixth:  Taking part in challenges like this offered me ways to connect with new artist friends.

So that is about it for now.

See you again after I finish the next painting.

Maybe tomorrow!


  1. This is a lovely arrangement. Yes you have some complicated pieces and they are well executed. Beautifully done.

    1. Thank you Carlene! If you see this message please know that I have tried multiple times to comment on your blog and thank you for your comments but each time I get a message that it has been rejected by your server.

  2. Beautiful work Karla! I agree that it's about quality not quantity that matters most. I think it's great that you are in tune with your body and respect it's limits. I know I certainly had days during this challenge that were stressful due to life circummstances and I know the paintings on those days reflected that. For me, I viewed these as "practice days", knowing that I always lose myself and life's worries while I'm painting. I found it therapeutic even on the days I didn't think I wanted to paint. : ) What's funny is the day I had a migraine, I ended up with several compliments on that painting and it sold. Go figure! Anyways, it was a great experience and like you I've enjoyed making new Artist friends! Best Wishes & Happy Painting!!!

  3. You've completed some amazing paintings Karla,you should be proud of all your achievements.

  4. Wonderful paintings, I doubt if I could paint under pressure but would like to have a go at a 30 in 30 challenge, well done !


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