Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Find of the Week

Digital Art by:
Karla Uphoff

Today's Blog Find of the Week* is Studio Notes by Terry Miura. His blog post "Something Clicked" was a very interesting read for me. Terry talks about finding his "voice" in painting. He uses two lists to find patterns and tendencies that he has in his paintings. Here are his lists of likes and dislikes:

Here are some of my likes:

- a sense of mystery.

- atmosphere.

- flat shapes.

- anonymity.

- moodiness.

- quiet.

- subtlety.

- obscurity.

- expressive, yet controlled brushwork.

- muted colors.

- close harmonies.

- ordinary things and views.

- evokative qualities.

And here are some things that I either don't like, or I like in other people's work but not in mine:

- slick realism.

- lots of detail.

- bright colors.

- compositions that rely on, or dominated by complex perspectives.

- sentimentalism.

- the spectacular in nature. Like fiery sunsets. or the Grand Canyon.

- anomalies in nature.

- too much narrative.

- portraiture.

- still life.

- "pretty" things.

- subjects that are more or less irrelevant to my daily life. Boats, for example.

Isn't if funny how other people often know us better than we know ourselves and we spend a lot of time trying to discover who we are; whether in our paintings or other aspects of our life. I remember one of my boys bringing home a girlfriend for the first time telling her ahead of time. "My Mom will be polite but reserved around you." Was he right? 100%.

I recommend you read Terry's entire article.

What would your painting likes and dislikes look like?

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  1. The ultimate aim for any artist is to find their voice,so I will definitely check out this blog..thanks Karla. :)

  2. I've never been a fan of digital art, but I sure do love paisleys and any palette with greens, blues, purples or any combination thereof!


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