Monday, July 4, 2011

DPW Challenge

What I Paint With
8 X 8
Oil on Hardboard
Happy 4th of July Everyone!  I hope it was a good time of reflection, rest and time with your loved ones.  Mine was AWSOME!!  Had all of our kids and grandkids home.  What a wonderful day!

Here is my entry for this week's DPW challenge.  As you can see I used the sketch of my hand from the previous post.  I just scrumbled charcoal on the back of the sketch and then traced over the top of the sketch onto the prepared "canvas".  Only problem is I am not left handed. Oh well!


  1. Well done, Karla! Had to laugh at the left handed comment. I am thinking of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing! I also got to see all the grandkids and my two daughters over the weekend. That just made my day, my week, my month!

  2. So glad you had a great time! Lovely entry ...well done!


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