Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Find of the Week

3.5 X 5
 This little painting was done in about 45 minutes this morning.  My inspiration was Carol Marine over at Daily Paintworks' Challenge.  Since it was a "quicky" I didn't take too much time to fuss with it.  Just drew it out quickly from a photo reference. Not my best work but I kinda like it.

My blog find of the week is a photo website by photographer Linda R.  365 Days With Linda shows her georgous work with a lot of close-ups.  She takes the best photos just walking around the neighborhood.  Be prepared for baby pictures as Linda just recently became a Grandma :)

Don't forget to leave a message on yesterday's post for a chance to win a 6 X 6 painting!!


  1. It just goes to show how skilled you are to paint this so quickly.Your friendly cheerful spirit shines through..wonderful. : )

  2. What a wonderful self-portrait in only 45 minutes! I must say that the photo you shared is exquisitely lovely.

  3. I love the light, colors and spontaneity your portrait has. I started out with every intent of loosening up and didn't. This is one I will try again.

  4. Thanks Maria! I thought your entry on DPW was one of the best.


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