Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Blog" Find of the Week


I have taken a whole week off from painting.  Almost feel guilty.  But it is nice to "get my head up" and take stock of where I am and where I want to go.  I do think I have been pushing myself too hard to produce and would benefit by slowing down a little. 

Well, this "blog find of the week" isn't from a blog but it is a nice tool that includes your choice of music to go with your pictures.  A 30 second video is free.  Longer ones available for as little as $5.00 a month.


  1. Welcome back, Karla! This is such a clever idea . . . thanks for sharing.

  2. That was great Karla!Really enjoyed the music and your art : ))

  3. Well done presentation! Thanks for the find!

  4. You find some really neat things out there in the internet ether!

  5. I guess it's the researcer in me. I used to work in a research office at a university


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