Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ochre Pot with Fruit

Ochre Pot with Fruit
8 X 10
Oil on Hardboard

My grand kids have learned that when a "new" toy shows up at Grandma's they don't have to ask where it came from, because the answer is always the same "A garage sale!"  Why buy toys new when you can get like new toys for a dollar?

So that is the same answer whenever you see a new still life item.  Yep, this big heavy pitcher came from a garage sale, but I think it cost a few dollars and not just one!

I am trying out a new blog format.  I would love to have your feedback.  I have also switched to Google Chrome.   Internet Explorer was doing some really weird things.  So far so good.

Here is how it might look framed

To bid on this painting or to see other available paintings, please go to my on-line gallery at Daily Paintworks


  1. Very nice painting, Karla! I like how the red stands out from the rest.

    I had a bit of a hard time getting the comment box to come up.

  2. Love the painting,the brushstrokes are fantastic.I really like the background colour of your blog now,it makes the paintings stand out much more.It took a bit of working out to find where to comment because its not obvious,other than that the format is a huge improvement.

  3. I think this is lovely, Karla. Reminds me of Susan's workshop that we both took too. Love the new format, though commenting is rather a pain, especially when using another blogging provider!


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