Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Italian Wall

Italian Wall
6 X 6
Oil on hardboard
This is my entry into this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge.  Layne Cook provided a great reference photo.

Painting this reminded me of my workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry way back in March.  It was my first painting workshop that I have ever gone to and it was great!  My trip home was quite an adventure as well.  You can read about it here.

It's funny that I thought of Dreama because the last little "cozy" mystery I just read ( have I told you I like cozy mysteries?) had a picture on the cover that reminded me of Dreama and her co-host Leslie Saeta.  As you probably know they host the show Artist Helping Artist.  It is a GREAT resource for artists.  Their show last week about making prints of your art was awesome.  Check them out!  Anyway!  Dreama and Leslie also do workshops together and part of their workshop is to cook for the workshop participants.  Evidently Leslie is a gourmet cook and Dreama......chops.  ha!  They are so funny!  Anyway here is the cover of the book I just read.  I couldn't help thinking about Dreama and Leslie.  The artist for the cover is Stephanie  Power.  Isn't that a hoot?!

Here is how my painting might look framed.

To purchase this painting or to see more of my available art, go to my on-line gallery at Daily Paintworks or my Available Paintings Page.

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