Friday, October 14, 2011


5 X 5
Oil on hardboard

Stopped at the store yesterday after my eyeglass appointment.  I only had four things on my list, but somehow I came out with a whole cart full of things and spent.......well, let's just say a lot!  Anyway, when I saw these plums I just couldn't resist.  They were the most beautiful fruit I had ever seen.  I don't think they are a typical variety of plums, but I didn't write down the name and now I can't remember.  Oh well, if you know please let me know.  I think the name started with a "p".

Here is how it might look framed

I saw this sign yesterday and it reminded me that in everything including painting we have to be patient.  How many times does a baby fall down before they walk?

Wishing you much success today in whatever you attempt.


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  1. Gorgeous colours Karla! Looks so sweet! Yes patience is a virtue!

  2. As always, you do a lovely job, Karla. I think I've missed some posts but I am trying to figure out ease of use in this new set up you have here. I love the little girl portrait that is showing. Gorgeous purple plum!


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