Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Driving Home From Dreama's Workshop

So, I have written about my great experiences at Dreama's workshop in Kentucky, but I haven't written about my trip home.  So here is how it started:

I woke early on Sunday (4:30am) and decided to just jump in the truck and start for home early.  There was about an inch of new ice/snow mixture on the truck but the interstate was dry and clear.  So off I went.

Early in the drive I was directed off the interstate to by-pass an accident.  "Someone must have fallen I asleep I surmised" and kept on going.

A few miles down the road I was crossing a bridge when the truck started fishtailing on very slick ice.  I managed to steer myself out of the slide thanks to many past experiences on ice in Illinois.  But as I crossed to the dry pavement on the other side I noticed a car that had not been so fortunate.  It looked as if the car had hit the ditch hard, and as it was still dark out I made the decision to stop and see if they needed any help.

When I approached the car the two occupants got out and met me in front of the car by the roadway.  They assured me that they weren't hurt ( but it appeared their car may have been totalled).  I suggested we move behind the car as it probably was not safe to stand where we were.  No sooner had the words left my mouth we heard the squealing of tires and looked to see a car careening right at us.  We ran and dove behind the first car and sure enough, the car came crashing into the front of the first car and ended on it's side.

The young woman from the first car asked "Should I call 911?"  I said yes, absolutely call 911.  So she dialed the numbers and pushed the phone in my face and said  "You talk to them".  So I told the operator that there had been and accident with two cars and where we were.  He was asking if anyone needed an ambulance.  I told him not for the first car but we weren't sure about the second car.  It was still dark and the car was ominously quiet and dark as well.

While the young man from the first car tried to open the door to check on the other driver we heard squealing tires again, and yes, another car traveling at 70 miles an hour was headed straight for us.  I ducked behind the first car again, phone in hand saying "Oh my gosh, here comes another one!".  I felt like I was in a Bruce Willis movie!!  Fortunately this car stopped within a foot of the second car and did not seem to be damaged.

Finally, with some help, the car door of the second vehicle was opened and the driver was amazingly not hurt.  Praise God!  While they struggled to help her out of the car another car hit the bridge and began sliding but managed to stay on the road despite doing a complete donut.

So that was the excitement of my trip home from Kentucky.  I think I was more shook up than the accident victims.  I was all muddy from "hitting the dirt" and my knees were shaking.  The driver of the second car calmly said "Well, I guess I'm going to get that new car I've been wanting".  She told us she was on her way to work at the local hospital.  I couldn't help thinking she must work in the ER and was used to this kind of stuff.

Me... not so much.


  1. Ei yi yi. Cold and fear must have gotten your blood running really quickly, Karla. I've always said that us Illinoisians drive better in snow and ice than most places I've been. I'd bet the New Englanders do a fine job of it too. Glad you got home safely.

  2. Thanks, I have a new appreciation for my firefighter husband and son.

  3. Oh wow, such a story! Thank God you weren't hurt! Maybe best to wait in winter for the morning sun to start traveling!!


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