Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog Find of the Week

Cape Town, South Africa
Oil on Hardboard

This is another submission to the Virtual Paintout Challenge.  The colors are intense - and I like them that way!

My blog find of the week for this week is Mara Schasteen's blog, especially her four  five part post on "Make Each Brush Stroke Count"

Mara paints beautifully. She is an inspiration. Check her out.


  1. Great Cape Town painting - love that purple back on that mountain! I agree, love the intense color.

    And thank you for the link to Mara's blog. Wonderful reading & I can't wait to delve into what she offers to learn. Great find!

  2. Thanks Nancie! Enjoy Mara's site. Lots of good reading over there.

  3. I love colour and this painting is gorgeous!! Especially the blue of the sea.

  4. Love the purple in the distant mountains, Karla. A lovely piece indeed. If that is Mara's work to the left below your own, it is indeed gorgeous.

  5. Azra, Thanks! The blue that I used in the sea was the caribian blue Dreama had on our list of paints for our workshop. I love it.

  6. Thanks Sherry, Yes, that is one of Mara's paintings. I agree, it is gorgeous!


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