Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Primary Colors

Primary Colors
10 X 8
Oil on Hardboard

I decided to give the latest challenge at Daily Paintworks another shot.  This time I tried to follow the directions more closely.  I really tried to change colors with each stroke.  And I think it did make a difference.  I like the apple the best. It was challenging though to get the consistency of the paint just right so it covered the board but wasn't too runny.

 Another thing I tried was standing while I painted.  This required a whole series of rearrangements but I can see the merits to standing.  I think it makes you a litlle less fussy.  Maybe I will try my next portrait standing.

Do you stand or sit when you paint?


  1. Being the lazy cow that I am, I tend to sit. Makes me feel more in control, I think. Anyway, love this composition and the strong brush strokes. Live the colors too. Well done, Karla!

  2. I have always sat until I tried this one. I agree that I also feel more in control when I sit. Maybe that's one of my problems! LOL!


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