Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Bowl With Apples

Red Bowl With Apples
8 X 10

This bowl of apples was sitting in the corner of my nieces counter and I knew immediately I had to paint it.  I love the shape of this bowl with its scalloped edges.  My niece and nephew live and work on a dairy farm.  The sun was streaming in the window (from the right on this painting) and bouncing back on the bowl.  It was beautiful

I like the rustic look of this painting with its muted colors.  I used a course bristle brush and really liked that I could see each brush stroke.  Sorry for the picture quality.  I'm doing some spring cleaning and don't have my usual camera set-up back in place yet.

Off to Kentucky tomorrow for my workshop with Dreama.  So excited!  I can't wait!


  1. Hi, Karla - seeing as you visited me , I thought I'd return the visit! I Like this Bowl with Red Apples! I've had a good look around (maybe "back over" is a pore appropraite way of saying it: your blog - like me you seem to follow lots of tracks and trails and experiment with things - painting (and intellectual curiosity) is such a pleasure, isn't it? Keep trucking! Best. Jon

  2. Thanks for stopping by. So fun that we can interact with folks all over the world.

  3. Great job capturing the light on the forms. There's no doubt, the star of the show. Like a spotlight effect on a drama!

    Enjoy KY! My Home~State... I'll be watching their March-madness today.


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