Friday, November 18, 2011

Flower Shop

Flower Shop
20 X 16 canvas
Image is 16 X 12
Oil on canvas
I spoke last time about being inspired by Mikki Senkarik and her colorful art.  This is a painting that she demo'd on her site.  It took me three days to complete.  That was a long time for me as I am not used to painting big paintings.

Mikki and her husband Jack White have had a very successful career selling their art.  Mikki gives a lot of tips on her site and Jack has written a book "Mystery of Making Art " about painting to sell.  One of his tips that some may disagree with is if you want to paint to sell, paint what people want to buy.

Here is how it might look framed

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  1. Well done Karla,this is lovely!! Yes it is quite a dilemma,paint what you love,or paint what is popular,either way there is no guarentee.I would say paint what you love everytime,that way at least you're enjoying yourself.


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