Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cup with Yellow Apple

Cup with Yellow Apple
6 x 6
Oil on Panal


I am really trying to focus on brushwork this month while trying to remember value, color and composition. Always new things to learn!

Another tip I learned at my Monday night painting class is that all whites are not created equal.  I was struggling with making a nice green and the teacher said she would give it a try.  Well, she couldn't do it either and she said she thought it was my white causing the problem.  She tried it with her white( M. Graham & Co Titanium) and yep!  That was the problem.  So I ordered some and it came today.  It is soooo buttery and yummy.  Much less grayed down greens now.  Maybe that was why I struggled so much with landscape painting.

Here is how it might look framed

Contact me if you are interested in this painting.  You can also see more of my available paintings HERE. Or, to see other paintings available at auction simply search Karla Uphoff in Art on Ebay

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