Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Single Strawberry

"Single Strawberry"
4 x 5
Oil on Hardboard


Because of our extra mild winter and early spring, the strawberries are about 3 weeks earlier than usual.  Some area growers lost their crop due to a sudden freeze.  Fortunately for us, our strawberry patch is small and I was able to lay blankets on them to keep them from freezing.  Is it just me, or does everything taste better when it is home-grown?

Here is how it might look framed.

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  1. You're on a roll, Karla! I love this freshly picked strawberry!

  2. Love the sweep of the stem and the strawberry glistening!
    Home grown produce is a hundred times tastier than mass produced stuff.The fragrance alone is so appetising.

  3. We're about 3 weeks ahead of schedule where I live too. And yes, EVERYTHING tastes better when home-grown. My mom use to grow the strawberries & I would see her picking (& eating) them out in the garden. I have no luck - the birds take mine before I can get to them!

  4. Selfmade is well made and that goes for strawberries , too :-) Beautiful and shiny strawberry, and I love how you present it in the frame.


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