Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who Do You Recommend For Workshops?

Mint Green Pitcher

6 X 6

Oil on Hardboard

Here is the latest Painting off my easel.  I am still wanting to go out painting plein air, but it is raining again today.  A beautiful slow steady rain.  Makes me want to curl up on the porch with a good book.  I was telling my friend yesterday that I might want to explore plein air painting as collecting all of the items I need for still life set-ups can get costly and then there is the problem of where to store all of them.  Oh, the hazards of doing what you love!!  I don't think I will ever give up still life painting.

On my easel
Here is a camera shot of the painting while it is still on the easel.  The clips are there to hold the painting up while I'm working on it so it doesn't get lost in the holder at the bottom.  I learned this trick from Abbey Ryan last year.  The fabric is there to keep the light clipped to the easel from shining over on to the set-up which has it's own lighting.

Here is how it might look framed.

And finally,  I will probably only attend one art workshop this year.  Who would you recommend that you have studied with?  I know there are probably more than one, but if you had to pick one;  Who would it be and why?


Contact me if you are interested in this painting.  You can also see more of my available paintings HERE. Or, to see other paintings available at auction simply search Karla Uphoff in Art on eBay.   Auctions start at just 1¢.


  1. If I was in America I would pick Karin Jurick.It was her work that impressed me when I first started daily painting.

    I love the way you painted this pitcher and the apples are amazing!!

  2. Thank you Azra! Karin does amazing work. She has inspired a lot of people. I hear Carol Marine talk about her. I think Karin only does one or two workshops a year. Very high in demand.

  3. Hi Karla,

    I would definitely recommend Don Hatfield! I'm hosting him this August in Maine. He's an amazing teacher and will give individual help to each artist and inform them on what they can do immediately to see improved results. He an amazing educated man. His art is to dream in.

    I have info about it here:

    He'll be doing 3 3-day workshops. A portrait one, a still life one and a figurative in costume. My own word has improved so much since taking his workshop. I can't wait until he returns!

    Nice still life!

  4. Thank you Susan! I looked into a Don Hatfield workshop last year. I will definitely check it out.!


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