Monday, December 10, 2012

Persimmon on Vintage Tea Towel

Oil on Panel

Join me in the "Paint Some Fabric Challenge" over at Daily Paintworks!

Another painting with a beautiful persimmon.  This time on a vintage tea towel.  As I laid the towel down with the persimmon I immediately loved the angles and curves of the towel.  What I didn't immediately realize was how difficult it would be to get it all correct with the right values.  Whew!!  A fun painting non the less.

Here is how this painting might look framed.


  1. way to go Karla. That difficulty you are referring to I call "map making" I've been doing it a lot myself lately with the roses.

  2. Gorgeous work Karla!! The shapes work so well with the persimmon!!

  3. So cool how the stripe leads my eye through the painting. Nice.

  4. Beautiful painting and those stripes are perfect!

  5. Beautiful persimmon, Karla. I like seeing how it would look framed.

  6. Nice persimmon, Karla. I like seeing how it would look framed, too.


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