Monday, December 3, 2012

Sailing Away

"Sailing Away"
6 X 6
Oil on Panel

I hope you have your sunglasses on for this one!  The tomato is a little pink in this picture.  In order to get the right shade of blue I had to sacrifice the red of the tomato. This painting is a real zinger; not my usual style at all.

 I was thinking about painting styles the other day and comparing it to clothing styles.  We all have a style of clothing that we are comfortable in - a style that says "me".  I personally do not wear fancy bright colored clothes or a lot of jewelry. 

I think painting styles are the same way.  We can "try on" different painting styles ( just like we try on clothes)  as we learn to paint; that is a natural thing to do. But as we paint along our own style that is individual to us starts to creep through and take over.  A style that we are comfortable with.  And I think that our painting style is similar to our clothing style.  Or our decorating style for that matter.  Which are all attached to our personality style. Anyway.....

Maybe when we are frustrated with our painting and feeling out of sorts it is because we are trying to "dress" in the style of someone else and we are not being true to ourselves.

What do you think?

 Does your painting style match your clothing style?

Here is how this painting might look framed.

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  1. I think that is a great analogy: clothes and painting, and "trying on different..."

    While I think it is great to learn from other artists, one is setting themselves up for disappointment when trying to paint like them. It's like getting a cowlick to lie flat, you'll always be fighting, and the real beauty of a painting comes through when there is joy.


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