Sunday, January 29, 2012

Road Trip

I recently subscribed to  The Artist magazine and got my first issue yesterday.  Yeah!  In the magazine I read that there is currently a Norman Rockwell exhibit in Dayton Ohio which will end on February 5th.  Visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum is at the top of my bucket list, so this is a great opportunity for me and much closer to home.  It is only a six hour drive for me.  There are 32 paintings in the collection and over 300 of his magazine covers.   So I will be off on a road trip this week to help ward off the winter blues!

Also,  while watching "Your Business" on MSNBC this morning they talked about a new service for on-line greeting cards.  It is called Paperless Post.  It is a service that gives you options for cards and invitations that are of a higher quality than you can find at other on-line invitation sites.  Just thought I would pass this along.

I'll give a report when I get back from my road trip!


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