Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biding My Time

Palette Knife Practice
8 X 10
Oil on Hardboard

Animated wall clock in school classroomIt is so interesting how we as painters can go from producing respectable art day after day and then come to a skidding halt.  I have found that to be the case this week.  Maybe it was Easter holiday (holidays can be difficult after a significant loss) or the fact that I ate too many sweets that affect my mood.  Anyway I am biding my time and waiting it out.  

 I bought an on-line e-book on palette knife painting and after three attempts and three wipe off's, I had this huge pile of olive green paint.  So I decided to just practice applying paint with the knife.  After I was done, I looked at it and decided I kind of liked it!  I am not usually a fan of abstract art, but I find this intriguing.  Maybe it's just because I painted it!! Ha!

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Here is how it might look framed.

Hope you all are having a great week!


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  1. Hey Karla,I think you've hit upon a lovely style of abstract work,this to me looks like crystals forming ,rather like when ideas build in your mind before you paint them.
    I know how you feel,originally I was taking time out to do catch up but I also find myself in a burn out situation.

  2. I love this Karla, an 'accidental' gorgeous piece of art!

  3. I saw crystals also! Love the green you used also. Accidents sometimes are the best!


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