Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mossy Lair

"Mossy Lair"
6 X 6
Oil on Hardboard

I found this large snail' shell at the store that I am hoping to sell my art at.  Painters just know when there is something they have to paint.  I was really drawn to this shell.  The next step was to find some moss to place it on.  A walk in the woods found the perfect piece of decaying wood with lush green moss growing on it. So fun to paint new things with new challenges.

Here is how it might look framed.

Contact me if you are interested in this painting.  You can also see more of my available paintings HERE. Or, to see other paintings available at auction simply search Karla Uphoff in Art on eBay.   Auctions start at just 1¢..


  1. Great natural looking composition Karla!! I know what you mean about finding subjects to paint,usually something thats a real bargain and looks great.Gone are the days of make-up and shoes.

  2. This is unique. I have never seen anything like it and it is beautifully painted


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