Thursday, January 10, 2013

Green Grapes on Cloth

Green Grapes on Fabric

5 X 7
Oil on Panel

Continuing on with my paintings of fabrics.  This may be the last one for awhile because I have a couple of other pieces I need to work on, one of which is a painting for the winner of my last giveaway. A portrait of a cherished home.

I know I said that painting with the color checker was not all that much faster than how I painted  before, but I may have jumped the gun.  This  5 x 7 took me about 4 1/2 hours of pure painting time.  But still, I think it is worth it because I am very happy with the results.  One of the things Mark Carder says is that once you can paint with this method, then you can expand out and paint in other styles.  I may not expand out at all.  I really enjoy painting beautiful things that I find and preserving them in oil in a realistic fashion.

Here is how this painting might look framed.

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  1. Well, I have to say I like this one. Makes me want to revisit grapes for my own art, especially after the debacle of yesterday's grapes.

  2. This is really eye catching. Inspires me want to try another grape painting.

  3. WOW! Beautiful work Karla!! The grapes are luminous and the cloth provides the perfect backdrop!

  4. Really beautiful! I love the way you have painted this.

  5. I love this, grapes are beautiful and you have painted them so well


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