Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Still Life With Eggs

8 x 10
Oil on Panel

   I was inspired for this painting by this image that I saw over on Pinterest.  I had a similar pot so I gave it a go.

Here is a tip from Mark Carder.  He uses a very limited palette and says he can mix any color using it. ( see drawmixpaint website).  His tip was in order to lighten a color you can add white or yellow.  If you want to lighten a color but keep the same temperature, add white AND yellow.  That was kind of a V-8 moment for me.

   I am having some major updates and changes to the studio besides just the new color checker.  New lighting, new shadow box and more.  I will show pictures when the updates are done.  But having so many new things at once is really a challenge, but I think I will like it all once I get used to it.  It just takes so much concentration that I have to take frequent breaks and painting is feeling more like work than play.  I'm sure once I am adjusted the play with come back!

Here is how this painting might look framed.


  1. Nicely done! Lighting is another important thing I need to look at too. Carder gives some very specific tips that I will have to try also. Look forward to seeing pics of what you're doing. Are you going to try thinning your paint like he does?

  2. This has an interesting Zen winter feel to it, I like!

  3. Hi Karla - I love the Asian feel to this one - very Feng Shui, as well. I am also working with a limited palette for this challenge, and finding out I really can mix some appropriate colors afterall..without an enormous amount on my palette. Paint on!

  4. Great work Karla!! The colours are harmonious and the contrasts in light and dark are eye catching!

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  6. I for one love it when other artists post photos of their studio set up.
    I'm looking forward to those, and following your color checker works with great interest.


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