Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White on White

White on White

8 X 10
Oil on Panel

Continuing to try and keep up with the 30/30 challenge by Leslie Saeta.  I am also continuing to learn how to use the color checker that I wrote about HERE.  One important thing that I just skimmed over was the necessity of having the same value of light in the spot that I hold the color checker in the room and the value of the light in my still life box.  The color of the light is not important.  But the value - dark vs light is extremely important.  Live and learn!  And I am learning a LOT this week! Like shadows are not as dark and colorless as I thought.

I wanted to try and paint a "white on white" painting using the color checker knowing that there would be only a tiny spot or two of white white in the painting.  It was very fun.  Still painting with cloth.  I like how this one looks.

Onto the next challenge.  Tallyho!


Here is how today's painting might look framed.

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  1. Your energy and enthusiasm never fail to inspire me and of course your wonderful paintings!!

  2. I love your white painting! And your post today is just what I needed! So ..... tally ho!!! :-)

  3. This is a lovely value study, Karla, and so good to do.

    I think I always learn something about form and composition by doing paintings or drawings without use of color.

  4. Wonderful little painting, Karla! So pretty!


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