Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog Find of the Week

by: Scott Waddell

I have two blog finds of the week this week since they are both on the same subject.  Scott Waddell and Susan Carlin both have new educational opportunities on-line and they both are about portraits.

Scott's comes in the form of a 45 minute oil painting demonstration of a portrait.  It actually took Scott nine hours to do the painting but he has broken it down to a shorter video which he narrates step by step.  It costs $20.00 to watch and you can watch it up to three times.  I watched it and was fascinated by Scott's fine art technique.  You can get a preview and more information about Scott's video here

by: Susan Carlin
The second portrait opportunity is from Susan Carlin of San Antonio, Texas.  Susan is offering a one day on-line workshop Saturday July 2nd.  The cost is only $60.00.  I have taken an on-line workshop before with Susan and she is a good teacher.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to join her on this one as it is a holiday week-end and I will have family in from out of state.  To get more information about Susan's workshop you can e-mail Susan.


  1. Its so hard to tell this is a painting rather than a photo! Thanks for the info. : )

  2. I know doesn't he do amazing work?!

  3. Is this a painting or a photo? Oops! I just caught your comments on the left so I guess this is a painting. What an angelic piece! I'm off to check out your links!


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