Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peach with Clay Pot

"Peach with Clay Pot"
6 X 6
Oil on hardboard
I am having fun painting these peaches.  It is a challenge to get their fuzzy softness.  I'm afraid my days are numbered though.  They are starting to become overly ripe.  But they smell delicious!  This little clay pot was purchases at Crossroads Handcrafts of the World in Bloomington, Illinois.  It is a "fair trade" venue for artists from around the world.


  1. Lovely still life, Karla. I haven't been to Crossroads so that is now on my agenda. Thanks for the heads up as it sounds like an interesting place to visit.

  2. Thanks Sherry. Yes, it is an interesting place to visit. Right downtown.

  3. Oh! I'm so envious Karla,all these places where you can pick up some really interesting pieces.Lovely painting BTW.

  4. Thanks Azra. I have been really trying to think of places to look that would have unique things.


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