Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How I Traveled With a Wet Painting

"Ripe Tomato"
5 X 5
Oil on Hardboard

Painted this luscious tomato using a north facing window for light.  I did like the softness of the light, rather than using a lamp.  I also can appreciate that north light is more constant and the angle of the light doesn't shift with the moving sun
 as in any other direction.  Thanks Abbey Ryan!

One of the challenges with going to workshops is getting your wet painting home.  I gave this some thought before I went to Abbey's workshop and used some of the ideas I have read about on several blogs.  (Sorry I can't remember where I got the ideas from now so I can't acknowledge them).

The first thing I did was to place short thumbtacks in all four corners of the painting. 

Then I placed a panel of the same size on top of the thumbtacks.  This allowed some air space above the wet paint.  Then I wrapped the painting sandwich in blue painter's tape.  I chose this tape because it was easier to remove.  After the fact, I wish I had used more tape to be sure it was really secure.  Then I secured the painting sandwich in a hard box  ( mine was from a puzzle) using Scotch Removable Mounting Squares. 

One additional step that I didn't do but will do the next time is wrap the taped sandwich in bubble wrap before placing it in the box on the mounting squares. 

Finally I put a rubber band around the box to hold it shut.  The painting made it home in good shape although it was somewhat rattled.  What do they do with your luggage at the airport??? 

 So, if you are ever in need of a way to transport a small painting in your luggage you may want to give this method a try.


  1. Gorgeous looking tomato Karla! If I ever paint in oils I will certainly be using this method.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your method for traveling on an airplane with a small, wet painting, and inexpensively (!) is very good and I shall remember this if and when I travel with a small wet painting ever again:-) I use AirFloat boxes to ship paintings (dry works) to shows and they are wonderful since they are reusable. Even works under glass arrive safe and sound.

    Really love your little apple!

  3. Thanks and you're welcome Azra

  4. Great tip, Karla! Love the painting too!


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