Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pomegranate and Sugar Bowl

"Pomegranate and Sugar Bowl
6 X 8
Oil on Hardboard

DPW Auction

 This sugar bowl was one of my finds at the antique mall.  It has a beautiful old patina to it.  This one took me a couple of days to work out the kinks, but I am happy with how it turned out. The background did not photograph too well.  It is not quite as dark as it shows here.


  1. You've captured both textures so well Karla.The sugar bowl has that antique look and I love the reflections of cloth and pomegranate.

  2. Thank you Azra! I think that little pink blob next to the pomegranate reflexion is actually me. A self portrait. ha!

  3. That silver piece is magnificent! I instantly found myself wondering if Paul Revere made it! (Yes, I have an active imagination and a tendency to wonder about everything!) Beautiful job on the reflections too!

  4. Very nice painting. Love your blog!

  5. Great work on the silver, and the reflections! Love the textures too.


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