Friday, June 10, 2011

DPW Challenge

"Silver Box w/ Purple Tissue Paper"

6 X 6

Oil on Hardboard
Here is my entry for this weeks Daily Paintworks Challenge.  It was a challenge to wrap a gift and paint it.  Well, I didn't have any decent wrapping paper, but I did have some really cute little shiny silver boxes.  So I decided to make this an exercise in painting shiny things.  I'm pretty happy with it.  Don't forget, Daily Paintworks is opening up their web-site to the general public - auctions included! next Tuesday.

Here is what the set-up looked like
Here is how it would look framed.
Frame courtesy of
Don't frames give just about every painting that finishing touch?


  1. Lovely composition Karla and very well executed painting.

  2. The photo shows how well you've captured the colours and shine.Great composition too!

  3. Painting folds of paper/fabric is really a challenge, isn't it? You did a great job, Karla!

  4. thanks Azra, isn't it funny? I wasn't really trying to paint the shine just really focusing on what I was seeing and whalla! Shine!

  5. Ooh, what a gorgeous little still life setup! I love that I can see some of Susan's lessons in this piece, Karla. It is fabulous!!


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