Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rose Study

Rose Study

6 X 6

Oil on Hardboard

This is a quick rose study.  I find I do better with flowers when I paint quickly and don't overwork them. 

 I am finally having success growing roses in Central Illinois.  Before I would buy a new bush and it would die over the winter.  Finally I did a Google search and found a company in Texas that sells hardy roses which have been tested in Iowa winters up to 20 degrees below zero.  And yes, it can get that cold here, but thankfully rarely.  So I bought 4 bushes and except for the one hubby accidently weed whacked they are doing terrific.  If you are interested the comp name is Heirloom Roses. 

 Another quick tip:  I found a couple drops of Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water has worked really well keeping the bugs from eating the rose leaves.
Here is how it might look framed


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