Monday, June 13, 2011

Finding Still Life Items

"Farmer's Market Flowers"

8 X 8

Oil on Hardboard
I have been having fun this spring going to garage sales looking for things to paint in my still life paintings.  This bouquet of flowers was found last Saturday at a farmer's market.  I like how fresh this painting turned out.  I am just starting to get brave enough to tackle flowers. I really like this leaf

While looking for things to paint, one thing I didn't realize was the wealth of items to be found almost right under my nose.  The light bulb went on a couple weeks ago when I drove by our local antique mall for the ka-zillionth time.  Why not stop and see what I can find in there?  My first thought was that being "antiques" they would be out of my price range.  But the good news was not everything in an antique mall is really an antique.  I was able to find a large box FULL of really neat stuff for 75 bucks!  Can't wait to include them in some up-coming paintings.
Here is how it might look framed


  1. Karla, this is lovely. Flea market props are the absolute best next to box lots at auction. We attend a lot of auctions and get really cool stuff there, some I use as painting props some my hubby sells on Ebay and sometimes triples his profit.

  2. You're right Karla! This is a lovely full of spring painting.
    I find myself not being able to pass a charity shop without taking a look.Forget clothes and shoes!

  3. Love that antique mall by you, Karla. We go there a couple of times a year ourselves. Plus a couple of neat ones down in Bloomington/Normal area too. At any rate, I think you've done a gorgeous job on this vase. I've seen this vase and have one myself in purple but have had the pink before. You've nailed that irridescense beautifully!

  4. Me too Azra! I'm afraid I am clothes poor. Would much rather buy things to paint or new tubes of oil.


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