Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Favorite Mug

Roseville Mug
5 X 7
Oil on hardboard
I have been busy this week framing art getting ready for my first show at the end of the month.  I am planning to show about 50 pieces.  That's a lot of framing!

So, while I am taking a break this morning having my coffee I had a thought. ( I do a lot of thinking!)  What does your hot drink vessel say about your personality?  I used to work in a social work research office studying people and that is still with me.  I am fascinated by studying people.  I think my Roseville coffee mug pegs me pretty well.  Not dainty, country, earthy, practical. 

So I know there are a lot of challenges out there now, but here is one for you.  Paint your favorite hot drink cup/mug.  What does your cup or mug say about your personality?  If you post your painting on line be sure to leave a comment here so I can take a peek.

Happy painting!


P.S. I went ahead and submitted this challenge idea to David and Carol Marine over at Daily Paintworks.  Wouldn't it be fun if they used it?

Edit:  8/6/2011:  They did use the idea!!  Go on over to the challenge and add yours!!


  1. I love the mug Karla! I also love the challenge and will certainly be painting my favourite mug soon. : )

  2. I think your choice of support for the mug ties right in with your self-description, Karla. This is quite lovely and I have no clue about myself anymore. I don't even have a favorite mug but just use what I have in the house (and both types of cups I have were bought or given to me...I didn't pick 'em).

  3. Hi Karla. Stumbled upon your blog by accident, and very glad I did. Terrific work, and some great information for artists. Well done!

  4. Oh good Azra, can't wait to see your mug.

  5. Maybe that says something about your personality Sherry, free and easy? Lol!

  6. Hey thanks Tony! And I'm glad you stumbled it!


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