Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Straight From the Punkin Patch

Giant Pumpkin
16 X 20
Oil  on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

 We picked our first big pumpkin and here he is in all his glory!  Of all the pumpkins we planted it seems that the "giant" variety fared the best in the extreme heat. 

Here's a quick little tip:  When you have a clunker painting - and who doesn't - wipe it off leaving a background of thin color.  Then use that underlay for a future painting.  Or, if you are about to scrape off the leftovers of your palette, use any small amounts of paint you know you won't use in time before it dries ( like that dab of orange) and use it (with your medium) to lay in some thin color on your canvases or boards.  I have found that paintings I deemed most successful of late have been ones with a wash of color all ready on the canvas - usually in a contrasting color to the main painting.  This pumpkin had an undercoat of blues, greens and purple.

Here is how it might look framed
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  1. Love the painting and appreciate the tip, so much to learn!

  2. Great painting and great tip too,thanks Karla.


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