Thursday, August 11, 2011

Watermelon on Fancy Plate

"Watermelon on Fancy Plate"
8 X 10
Oil with Palette Knife
on Hardboard

Playing with my palette knife again!  I have long admired other artists who paint this way.  Their paintings have so much life and vibrancy.  I am going to enjoy this new journey.

Here is how it might look framed


  1. You''re right Karla,palette knife work does give your work vibrancy,the watermelon looks really fresh and juicy.The plate looks like its made of china ,there's a glow to it.

  2. Thanks Azra! The plate is china and I think it might be old. I found it at a garage sale ( bet you couldn't guess that one!) On the back it says made in Germany.

  3. Man, Karla! You have already mastered painting in this style, methinks. This is amazing. Check out Ann Gorbett's blog; she is as fine a palette knife painter as I've seen. I do love old china and this piece is just smokin'!


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